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Aces High Productions - Classic Electro Mixtape

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Friday, April 8, 2011

E-40 - Federal (1993)


01 - E-40 - Drought Season
02 - E-40 - Rat Heads
03 - E-40 - Federal
04 - E-40 - Outsmart the Po Po's
05 - E-40 - Hide 'N' Seek
06 - E-40 - Carlos Rossi
07 - E-40 - Tanji II
08 - E-40 - Let Him Have It
09 - E-40 - Questions
10 - E-40 - Extra Manish
11 - E-40 - Get Em Up
12 - E-40 - Nuttin' Ass Nigga
13 - E-40 - Rasta Funky Style
14 - E-40 - Shouts Out

OG Version!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey this link is dead!

    If you could hook me up with the smooth sounds of 1993 debut E-40, that would be very appreciated